Chic Hair Extensions Tips and Tricks

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Being the founder of Chic Hair Extensions based in Auckland, New Zealand I thought it would be very useful to let you know what you may or may not know about our human hair extensions. Human hair extensions come in all lengths, weights and colours.... and of course vary greatly in price. The price is dependant on a number of factors including the weight of hair, eg. 120g and also the length and the quality of the hair. We specialise in balayage and ombre shades with exclusive balayage colours that only Chic Hair Extensions sell to our lovely customers. The length of hair extensions is usually talked about in inches and sell 18inch to 24inch. Clip in hair extensions simply clip in and out of your own hair and are temporary which is good for first time wearers alike. Tape in hair extensions are a permanent hair extension method which sandwiches a section of your hair between two tape in extension weft pieces which when pressed together are securely held by sticking together with the pre applied glue at the top of the tape in weft pieces. Hair toppers are fantastic as they clip in on top of your hair known as the crown and cover hair loss and thinning hair. These are also great to add fullness and more volume to fine hair or very fine hair

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