Hair Care Maintenance For Your Human Hair Extensions

Special Hair Care Instructions for Human Hair Extensions:
  • The less you wash the hair, the longer it will last you. Only wash it when necessary and no more than 3 times a week maximum.
  • Brush hair free of all tangles, holding the top part of the hair and gently combing with a wide tooth comb or hair extension brush from the ends upwards to stop breakage and the hair from falling out 
  • Never leave to soak in water
  • Never use hot water, luke warm water is best
  • Do not rub vigorously
  • Gently dab excess water with a towel when drying, do not wring or twist
  • Leave to dry naturally, do not use a hot hairdryer
  • Use a good quality sulphate free/organic and paraben shampoo and conditioner always do this from the mid length to the ends. For permanent extensions, wash your hair away from where the bonds are and wash in a downwards motion, never scrubbing. If you apply the conditioner to the bonds it will make the hair extensions fall out. When finished always pat dry your hair.
  • When dry heated hair rollers may be used to provide volume and movement
  • Make sure you use heat protector sprays when using hot appliances such as styling irons, using these only on a low heat setting
  • Always use moisturizing products on the hair extensions as they do not receive natural oils like our own hair from our scalp does. Argan oil, moroccan oil, serums etc.
  • At night, loosely plait your hair to stop it from tangling and matting while sleeping