How To Wear Clip in Hair Extensions, Hair Toppers & Tape in Hair Extensions

How to wear Clip in Hair Extensions 

  1. You'll work from the bottom of your head (the nape) and work up. So start by sectioning around 3 cms and securing the rest of your hair on top of your head with a sectioning clip

  2. Use a backcomb to tease the roots where the clips will be. This will help to securely keep the clips in place

  3. The hair wefts have either one, two, three or four clips. Make sure before you attach the wefts that all the clips are open so that installation will be easy

  4. Attach the first weft with 3 clips where you've backcombed by placing it onto the teased area and snapping the clips shut. Be sure to get the edge of the hair weft as close to your scalp as possible

  5. Once you've attached the first weft, let down another 3 cms of hair to attach the next weft too

  6. Once again, backcomb the hair at the roots, paying extra attention not to disturb the piece that has already been clipped in

  7. Secure the next hair weft as instructed from step 1 onwards. This could be a 3 clip or 4 clip weft, thie choice is yours. When you get to the middle of the head or the widest part of the head use a weft with 4 clips. There should be 4 wefts used at the back of the head. Please remember to NOT go right to the top of your head as there needs to be some hair left over to cover the hair extensions so they cannot be seen

  8. Next, place the 2 clip wefts at the side of the head by sectioning your hair and repeating steps above. The 1 clip wefts are to disguise any shorter bits of hair on the side of the face on the side so make sure to keep the clips back far enough so that they won't be visible once you've let your hair down (a good rule of thumb is to not place them in front of your ear). It's okay if the pieces overlap with each other, just be sure to clip them onto your actual hair, not the extensions.

  9. Once you've added all the wefts, take the remaining hair on top of your head and backcomb it. Spray with hairspray to ensure it stays in place and keeps the extensions camouflaged. Since the extensions are made of human hair, you can use product or thermal tools on them so that they blend in with your natural hair.

How to wear a Hair Topper

  1. Our human hair toppers are made to sit on the crown of the head and easily clip into your natural hair. Gently brush the hair topper with a comb. Open all the clips on the underside of the topper before installing it. 

  2. Place the front edge of the topper approximately 1-2 cms from the front of your hairline, positioning it over the area of hair loss, and secure the front clip.

  3. Place light pressure over the top of the hair topper and run your fingers over the length of the base to secure the back clip.

  4. Style and blend your hair as desired.

How to wear Tape In Hair Extensions

    1. Separate your hair with comb (we suggest you use fine-toothed comb rather than wide one).

    2. Place tape hair under thin slice of hair.

    3. Place another one on top creating a sandwich.

    4. Use a hair straighter to gently seal the tape. The temperature should be under 300 Fahrenheit.